The family's black sheep...


when a bitch calls you thirsty like you don’t already know



Stydia + the ‘500% done with everything’ expression



They stole how many data

Billions of data


I’ve been thinking lately about what would have happened if I choose to keep things the same like stay at high school instead of college, or what if I had taken ICT instead of general studies, although I may hate general studies the repercussions of taking it means I have made the best friends…

and now i wished i had chosen differently, life would be less complicated and i would be sitting here right now with 4 as levels that were way better than 2 good 1 okay and 1 pointless (almost), i would be sitting here with happy happy happy and a decent college life, but going into second year i am really happy that all negativity has been locked away and shits are not given.

reading some of my start of college month tumblr posts is actually quite fantastic, my thirst was really real. ‘Your calcium build up is amazing !!!’  please no hahahahah 


why is everyone in college so fit :S heaven help me !! 

Partially out the closet matthew, you were very much mistaken.